The National Institute of Ancient Drama has an area which is dedicated to the conservation of  the Foundation’s cultural heritage, its documentation, both books and other forms of documents, which are available on request to students and academics who want to conduct research in the field of ancient drama and the classical world. The nucleus of the Library-Archive is made up a vast list of books and specialized magazines, collections and documents, which have been published during the Cycle of Classical Plays at the Greek Theatre Syracuse or throughout the frequent conventions and educational activity carried out by the Institute over the last hundred years.

INDA’s library was founded in 1927 and is located in the Palazzo Greco in Syracuse, the historical site of the Institution. It offers a great collection of books and hard copies specifically pertaining to the field of ancient theatre. The selection of books ranges from the work of authors of ancient theatre, (Greek and Latin), to medieval and renaissance, and  essays about classic philology, architecture and theatrical scenography. The part which is dedicated to Sicily is particularly interesting.  It offers information about the archeological finds, to folklore and its history. Whereas the magazine section contains a significant and important group of periodical publications, both Italian and foreign, essays which talk about both the theatre and the classical discipline.

The Foundation greatly values this cultural heritage and has made it useable also thanks to its informed system of cataloging. Through a campaign which involves new acquisition, the Foundation hopes to build upon the library in order render it increasing more important as the real Library for the Studies of Classical Theatre. A library which is able to provide researchers, from the professionals involved in the performances  to Universities and their students, with the tools with which to work, analyze and conduct research in a highly specialized sector.

The richness of the Library and Archive of documents, with its adjoining video and photographic libraries, volumes of printed work, the collections edited by the Institution (books, theatre programs, volumes of the Dioniso Magazine) constitute an important resource for anyone who is looking to embark upon a study of ancient drama and its contemporary literature.

For Further Information contact:

Elena Servito,  Representative for the Archive and Library