Director | Giuliano Peparini
Libretto | Giuliano Peparini and Giuseppe Cesaro


An epic tale in which – in an unprecedented fusion of prose, music, opera, dance, performances, scenic paintings and light works, which actualizes the Greek intuition behind what, many centuries later, would have been called “total theatre” – Homer tells Ulysses the twelve most significant stages of his Odyssey. A strong post-traumatic stress syndrome has, in fact, temporarily erased the memory of the hero, who has forgotten everything that happened since he left the coasts of Asia Minor. The only things he remembers are Ithaca, Penelope and Telemachus, to which he is driven by an inner force that has no equal in nature and that has allowed him to face and overcome the most unspeakable adversities.

An Odyssey defined as “last”, not in a chronological sense, of course, but in the sense that the scenic representation contains – making Ulysses and the entire public re-live them– all the themes of the myth of the stormy journey of existence, a journey that is, essentially, a journey of consciousness, which lives of the inescapable moral urgency that every human being has to “become what he is”, against everything and against everyone. Even against themselves, if that were necessary. That’s why, Ulysses – like all those who will attend this performance – will live their “last Odyssey”…