Agamennone/Coefore/Eumenidi in one unforgettable evening



Agamemnon / Libation Bearers / Eumenides

Work of | Aeschylus
Direction | Davide Livermore
Translator | Walter Lapini
Sets | Davide Livermore / Lorenzo Russo Rainaldi
Costumes | Gianluca Falaschi
Lighting design | Antonio Castro
Video design | D-Wok
Original music | Mario Conte
Assistant director | Giancarlo Judica Cordiglia
Assistant costume designer | Anna Missaglia
Assistant stage director | Aurora Trovatello
Stage manager | Alberto Giolitti



The tragedy opens the “Oresteia” trilogy. In the palace of Argos, a system of fires warns that Troy has fallen. The return of Agamemnon is anxiously awaited, preceded by a herald who narrates the toils of war and the exhausting return.
Clytemnestra has been long preparing the murder of her husband, who had sacrificed her eldest daughter. Agamemnon enters the scene with his concubine Cassandra, who prophesies the imminent regicide without being believed. She is slaughtered together with the king by Clytemnestra, who seizes power alongside her lover Aegisthus.

The Libation Bearers/Eumenides

Orestes, son of Agamemnon, returns after ten years to Argos and its palace, where the throne is usurped by the murderers of his father: his mother Clytemnestra and her lover Aegisthus. On the tomb of the assassinated king, he meets handmaids who pour libations, the Coefore (libation bearers), together with his sister Electra.Invoked with them protection by the murdered king, Orestes first kills Aegisthus and then his mother. Clytemnestra’s furious bitches, the Erinyes, relentlessly pursue him from Argos to Delphi, where the last act takes place. Apollo exits the temple, defending Orestes, in search of purification, against the Erinyes, who are excited by the ghost of the murdered queen. Orestes flees again, to Athens, where the goddess Athena entrusts the judgment on him to a new institution, a court in which jurors will have to decide whether to acquit or condemn Orestes.Thanks to Athena’s vote, which is worth double, Orestes is acquitted, and the Erinyes adapt to the new course, becoming Eumenides (the benevolent).


MUSICIANS | Diego Mingolla, Stefania Visalli
SENTINEL | Maria Grazia Solano
CORIFEA | Gaia Aprea
CHORUS | Maria Laila Fernandez, Alice Giroldini, Marcello Gravina, Turi Moricca, Valentina Virando
CLITENNESTRA| Laura Marinoni
MESSAGGERO | Olivia Manescalchi
AGAMENNON | Sax Nicosia
CASSANDRA | Linda Gennari
EGISTO | Stefano Santospago

and with:
SPECTRO DI IFIGENIA | Carlotta Maria Messina, Mariachiara Signorello
OLD ARGIVES | Tonino Bellomo, Edoardo Lombardo, Massimo Marchese
ORESTE BAMBINO | Giuseppe Fusciello
ELETTRA BAMBINA | Margherita Vatti

PIANISTS | Diego Mingolla, Stefania Visalli
ORESTE | Giuseppe Sartori
PILADES | Gabriele Crisafulli
ELECTRA | Anna Della Rosa
CORIFEA | Gaia Aprea
COEFORE | Alice Giroldini, Valentina Virando, Chiara Osella ( cantante), Graziana Palazzo(cantante), Silvia Piccollo(cantante)
CLITENNESTRA | Laura Marinoni
CILISSA | Maria Grazia Solano
EGISTO | Stefano Santospago
A WOMAN | Irasema Carpinteri
THE HERINES | Maria Laila Fernandez, Marcello Gravina, Turi Moricca
GUARDS | Gaia Cozzolino, Gabriele Enrico, Lorenzo Iacuzio, Roberto Marra, Damiano Venuto

PIZIA (PROPHETESS) | Mariagrazia Solano
APOLLO | Giancarlo Judica Cordiglia
THE EUMENIDES | Maria Laila Fernandez,Marcello Gravina, Turi Moricca
STATUE OF ATHENA | Federica Cinque
ATHENA | Olivia Manescalchi

Outfitting coordinator | Marco Branciamore
Tailoring coordinator | Marcella Salvo
Sound project | Vincenzo Quadarella
Hair and makeup manager | Aldo Cantarella
Sets | Laboratorio Di Scenografia Fondazione Inda
Costumes | Laboratorio Di Sartoria Fondazione Inda

Set Design Coordinator | Marco Branciamore
Sound project | Vincenzo Quadarella
Tailoring Coordinator | Marcella Salvo
Hair and makeup manager | Aldo Caldarella
Scenes realized by | Laboratorio di scenografia Fondazione Inda
Costumes made by | Laboratorio di sartoria Fondazione Inda

Thanks to Avio Club of Syracuse for the collaboration