Work of | Aeschylus
Director | Leo Muscato
Translator | Roberto Vecchioni

Sets | Federica Parolini
Costumes | Silvia Aymonino
Music | Ernani Maletta
Chorus Direction | Francesca Della Monica
Choreography | Nicole Kehrberger
Lights | Alessandro Verazzi
Assistant director | Maria Luisa Bafunno
Assistant set designer | Anna Varaldo
Assistant costume designer | Maria Antonietta Lucarelli
Stage director | Mattia Fontana
Assistant stage director | Eleonora Sabatini, Giuseppe Coniglio
Volunteer assistant chorus director | William Caruso


The god of fire, Hephaestus, nails the rebel Prometheus to a rock of Scythia (between Poland, Kazakhstan, and southeastern Ukraine), under the watchful eye of Cratos (Power) and Bia (Force). Prometheus is punished for having gifted men with fire. At the blows hammered with roar, a pack of Oceanine comes, to which Prometheus tells of having first helped Zeus against the rebellious Titans, of which he was part, then of having passed on the side of men. Ocean, a relative and friend of Prometheus, arrives in flight to induce him to bend to Zeus, but he does not succeed. Then comes the cow Io, a victim like him of Zeus and then of Era, to whom the Titan predicts her future and the end of Zeus. Hermes uselessly tries to know what it will be, and Prometheus is plunged into the bowels of the Earth.
Nessuno Spettacolo


BIA | Silvia Valenti
KRATOS | Davide Paganini
EPHESTUS | Michele Cipriani
PROMETHEUS| Alessandro Albertin
OCEANUS | Alfonso Veneroso
IO | Deniz Ozdogan
HERMES | Pasquale di Filippo

Oceanine Chorus
CHORUS LEADERS| Silvia Benvenuto, Letizia Bravi, Gloria Carovana, Maria Laila Fernandez Valeria Girelli, Elena Polic Greco, Giada Lorusso, María Pilar Pérez Aspa, Silvia Pietta
CHORUS MEMBERS | Giulia Acquasana, Marina La Placa, Alba Sofia Vella

With the participation of the students of the Academy of Art of Ancient Drama 

Chorus | Caterina Alinari, Clara Borghesi, Vanda Bovo, Carlotta Messina, Marta Parpinel, Flavia Testa, Sandre Siria Veronese, Elisa Zucchetti