Work of | Euripides
Direction | Federico Tiezzi
Translator | Massimo Fusillo


Medea enters the scene after the nurse has narrated how the princess descending from the Sun followed Jason from Colchis (Turkey) to Corinth and there she was abandoned for Glauce, the daughter of King Creon. We then hear Medea’s moans and screams, while the choir is on stage, until the main character enters and denounces her own condition, unfortunate as the female one usually is. Creon enters and exiles her, but she manages to obtain from him a last final day in Corinth. She then meets Jason, whom she threatens with revenge, better outlined after an encounter with the king of Athens, Aegean, who will host her in his city. After sending poisoned gifts to Glauce, which will kill her and her father, Medea murders her children and denies an annihilated Jason even their bodies, taking them with her on the chariot of the Sun, to Athens.