Iphigenia in

Work of | Euripides
Translation | Giorgio Ieranò
Director | Jacopo Gassmann

Sets | Gregorio Zurla
Visual Designer | Luca Brinchi, Daniele Spanò
Costumes | Gianluca Sbicca
Sound project| G.U.P. Alcaro
Assistant director| Mario Scandale
Lightning Design |Gianni Staropoli
Assistant light designer| Omar Scala
Choir Master | Bruno De Franceschi
Movements and Choreography | Marco Angelilli


Agamemnon’s first daughter, Iphigenia, believed dead, lives in remote Tauris. The goddess Artemis had saved her, replacing her with a doe and taking her away from Aulis, just as her father was about to sacrifice her. Iphigenia narrates this in the prologue, describing her painful condition as a priestess of Artemis, a foreigner in a foreign country, forced to make human sacrifices. Her brother Orestes, fleeing from the Erinyes, arrives in Tauris with Pylades and escapes the sacrifice because he recognizes his sister. The three mock the local king, Thoas, and flee across the sea.

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IPHIGENIA | Anna Della Rosa
ORESTES  | Ivan Alovisio
PYLADES  | Massimo Nicolini
HERDSMAN  | Alessio Esposito
THOAS | Stefano Santospago
MESSENGER  | Rosario Tedesco
GREEK SLAVES CHORUS | Anna Charlotte Barbera, Luisa Borini, Gloria Carovana, Brigida Cesareo, Caterina Filograno, Marta Cortellazzo Wiel, Roberta Crivelli, Leda Kreider, Giulia Mazzarino, Daniela Vitale.

Staging coordinator | Marco Branciamore
Audio project | Vincenzo Quadarella
Dressmaking manager | Marcella Salvo
Hair & makeup manager | Aldo Caldarella
Scenes by | Inda Foundation Scenography Lab
Costumes by| Inda Foundation Dressmaking Lab