Conversations at the Ear of Dionysius

Dialogues on myth, law and show curated by Margherita Rubino

Entrance free of charge on reservation.

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18th at 17:30
Aedipus the king, the tragedy of knowledge
Mauro Bonazzi and Francesco Morosi

25th at 17: 30
Creon and the suspension of rule of law
Eva Cantarella and Giovanni Salvi

02nd at 17: 30
Antigone, Iphigenia and other heroines
Nando Dalla Chiesa and Margherita Rubino

04th at 17:30
To put on a show with Greek tragic and comedians
Federico Tiezzi and Antonio Calbi

05th at 17:30
Prometheus: chained or freed?
Roberto Vecchioni and Marina Valensise

World Refugee Day


20th June at 21:00

World Refugee Day was established by the United Nations on 20th June each year to commemorate the 1951 adoption of the Convention on Refugee Status by the United Nations General Assembly. The day is coordinated by UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees).


Trial to Oedipus


24th June at 21:00

Agòn, from ancient drama to procedural simulation, is organized by ISISC, the Siracusa International Institute for Criminal Justice, the INDA Foundation, the Amici dell ‘Inda association and the Syracuse Bar Association. The defendant of this edition is Oedipus and the trial will follow the performance of the show directed by Robert Carsen.
President of the Court | Pietro Curzio First President Supreme Court of Cassation
Public indictment | Giovanni Salvi Attorney General Supreme Court of Cassation
Defensor of Oedipus | Maria Masi President National Forensic Council
Consultant | Massimo Ammaniti Psychiatrist
Defendant | Giuseppe Sartori Oedipus
Witness | Maddalena Crippa Giocasta

The Gold


22 June

The Gold Aeschylus is the recognition awarded since 1960 by the INDA Foundation to personalities who have distinguished themselves internationally in classical theatre and in studies on Greek and Latin classicism. The 2022 Gold Aeschylus is assigned to Glauco Mauri, one of our greatest and most beloved actors,
who played his first Oedipus in Syracuse 50 years ago, a character whom he has continued to investigate over half a century of performances, with an innate sensitivity towards dramatic characters, in dramatic choices attentive to both tradition, from ancient classics to Shakespeare, and to twentieth-century and contemporary drama. The Gold Aeschylus in Glauco Mauri is also the recognition of an actor who continues, with dedication, determination and unparalleled wisdom, to act on the stages of half of Italy, today as Lear. The award will be given to the actor Glauco Mauri before one of the Oedipus the King shows.

INDA on tour



Teatro Grande- Pompeii
Iphigenia in Tauris, directed by Jacopo Gassmann


Roman Theater- Verona-
Iphigenia in Tauris, directed by Jacopo Gassmann

Adda on tour


8th July
Aiace, directed by Massimo Di Michele

Ancient theatre and history

International Conference of Studies on Classical Theatre


21st / 22nd October

Is it useful, for the understanding of ancient theater, the most in-depth knowledge of the historical context? Is knowledge of the data inferable from theatrical texts useful to historical science? They seem and are two trivial questions, but far from trivial is the task that the affirmative answer to both assigns to the respective scholars: communication between the two universes in fact finds a formidable obstacle in a set of phenomena groupable in the category of literary formalization. We thought of bringing together historians and philologists aware of these risks to study together defensive strategies on a methodological level and examples of splendid ambiguity