Edipo a Colono

Opera | Sofocle
Art Director | Roberto Andò
Translation | Federico Condello
Director | Yannis Kokkos


Oedipus, blind and begging, reaches the sacred wood of Colonus, supported by his daughter Antigone. This, according to the Oracle, is where his life will end. Initially, the chorus of old Athenians try to make him leave, but finally, moved to pity, they allow him to stay. Ismene, Oedipus’s other daughter, comes to tell of the struggle between Eteocles and Polynices who are fighting for dominion of Thebes.

Ismene reveals a new Oracle claiming that Oedipus, dead or alive, will bring salvation to his allies; for this reason, his city will try to gain his favour or to have power over him. A sudden roll of thunder is the sign sent by the gods to announce the imminent death of Oedipus.


Foreign | Sergio Mancinelli
Edipo | Massimo De Francovich
Antigone | Roberta Caronia
Corifeo | Davide Sbrogiò
Ismene | Eleonora De Luca
Teseo | Sebastiano Lo Monaco
Creonte | Stefano Santospago
Polinice | Fabrizio Falco
Messanger | Danilo Nigrelli

Choir | Students ADDA II e III year







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