Looking for the dawn
of rebirth

the work chosen for the official poster of the season by kind permission of Fondazione Morra

by Hermann Nitsch

Work in exhibition
at the Regional Gallery
of Bellomo Palace


of Paolo Giansiracusa
Board Member of Inda Foundation
For those who believe, the light that closes the earthly day is the same light that opens to the rebirth of being. The last day of life is therefore the dies natalis that closes the passio of suffering and inaugurates the time of infinite contemplation.

Hermann Nitsch knows the painful path to take in order to conquer the truth, a value for which he has committed all his energy, deploying every expressive impulse. Nitsch has crossed the entire fire of human tragedy, he has paid in first person by serving an unacceptable price: that of imprisonment. And this for having had the courage to put on the stage of art what often, with the indifference of many, happens in everyday life. He has the strength to tell the pain in its extreme aspects, has the honesty not to interpose filters to the story of the suffering of the weakest. He does not remain silent about the abuse and oppression of which humanity is the victim.

The work on display is not the tragedy that the artist has enacted in other pictorial places. It is the memory of pain, the memory of what happened. It is the wound that now leavens toward redemption. Nitsch does not offer us the vision of the earthly sunset but that of the dawn of the light that saves. His is a shroud with the imprint of the pain that grips the new humanity, a shroud in which the artist himself has left the imprint of the hands full of color, of the body full of passion.