Work of | Euripide
Artistic director | Roberto Andò
Translation | Enrico Medda
Direction | Valerio Binasco
Scene and costumes | Carlo Sala
Music | Arturo Annecchino
Light design | Pasquale Mari


A group of Phoenician women, destined for the sanctuary of Apollo in Delphi, arrive in Thebes and witness the story that takes place here. The brothers Eteocles and Polinice have agreed to alternate, one year each, at the command of Thebes. After his year, however, Eteocles does not intend to give power to his brother, so Polinice comes with an army from Argos to claim his rights. Jocasta summons the two sons to try to reach an agreement, but without results.

Tiresias, a blind soothsayer, says that to save Thebes the only way is to sacrifice Creon’s son, Meneceus, who accepts the response and kills himself. Eteocles and Polynice face off in a duel, giving each other death. On their corpses, the mother Jocasta commits suicide.


Giocasta | Isa Danieli
Pedagogo | Simone Luglio
Antigone | Giordana Faggiano
Polinice | Gianmaria Martini
Eteocle | Guido Caprino
Creonte | Michele Di Mauro
Tiresia | Alarico Salaroli
Meneceo | Matteo Francomano
Araldo | Massimo Cagnina
Edipo | Yamanuchi Hal
First Corifea | Simonetta Cartia
Pianist | Eugenia Tamburri

Choir | Academy of Art of Ancient Drama – “Giusto Monaco” Theater School section