III Ciclo di Rappresentazioni Classiche

La consacrazione

Edipo re

Work of | Sofocle
Artistic direction | Ettore Romagnoli
Translation | Ettore Romagnoli
Scene and costumes | Duilio Cambellotti
Music | Ettore Romagnoli


The response of an oracle weighs heavily on the birth of Oedipus, according to which when he grows up he will kill his father and marry his mother. The father Laius, frightened by the prophecy, entrusts the child to a servant with the order to give him death, but the servant takes pity on him and abandons him on Mount Citerone where he will be raised by a shepherd. Oedipus to escape the oracle leaves the mountains and goes towards the city. On the way he collides with an old gentleman who orders him to free the pass. The heated discussion degenerates into a quarrel: Oedipus kills the stranger. Near Thebes he faces the sphinx who tortured travelers and solves their enigma. By virtue of this heroic gesture, she receives the hand of the queen, who has meanwhile become a widow and makes her the mother of four children: Eteocles, Polynice, Antigone and Ismene. The plague breaks out in Thebes: the oracle of Delphi announces that only the purification of the man who contaminates the city, having killed his father and impregnated his mother, can free the Thebans from the lethal disease. A good king Oedipus sets out to hunt for the incestuous parricide to discover that he is the culprit. Shocked by the truth, he tears his eyes out. Czech and accursed he goes towards Colonus.


Edipo  | Annibale Ninchi
Sacerdote | Fernando Testa
Creonte | Giulio Lacchini
Tiresia | Guglielmo Barnabò
Giocasta | Linda Torri