Le Nuvole

Work of | Aristofane
Translation | Alessandro Grilli
Direction | Alessandro Maggi
Music | Antonio Di Pofi
Scenic installation | Maurizio Balò
Costumes | Marta Crisolini Malatesta
Movements | Dario La Ferla


Oedipus, a beggar and blind, arrives in the sacred wood of Colono, supported by his daughter Antigone, here according to the oracle he will end his life. At first the choir of old Athenians tries to push him away, then gives in, moved with pity. Ismene, daughter of Oedipus, also arrives and announces the discord of the brothers Eteocles and Polynice who are fighting for the dominion of Thebes.

Ismene reveals the new oracle according to which, dead or alive, Oedipus would bring salvation to his allies; for this reason, from his city, they would seek his favor or have him in their power. A sudden thunder is the sign sent by the gods announcing the imminent death of Oedipus.


Strepsiade | Mariano Rigillo
Fidippide | Giacinto Palmarini
Disciple | Sergio Mancinelli
Socrate | Antonio Zanoletti
Better Speech | Mauro Avogadro
Worst Speech | Anna Teresa Rossini
Creditor | Andrea Romero
Corifea | Federica Di Martino