Work of | Seneca
Translation | Maurizio Bettini
Direction | Carlo Cerciello
Scene | Roberto Crea
Costumes | Alessandro Ciammarughi
Music | Paolo Coletta
Choreography | Dario La Ferla
Stage manager | Mattia Fontana


Phaedra, daughter of the legendary Cretan king Minos, experiences an inner and tormenting passion for her stepson Ippolito. Pushed by the nurse, she reveals her love to Hippolytus, who outraged, runs away from the palace. Phaedra decides to take revenge: when Theseus returns from his enterprise in the Underworld, he tells him, lying, that Hippolytus tried to abuse her. Theseus, enraged, invokes the curse on his son, who dies horribly. When Hippolytus’ corpse is brought back to the palace, Phaedra confesses her crime to Theseus and kills herself. The father only has to mourn his fate, and reassemble the body of his son torn to pieces, ordering the servants to throw Phaedra’s body into a ditch.


Phaedra | Imma Villa
Hippolytus | Fausto Russo Alesi
Nurse | Bruna Rossi
Theseus | Fausto Russo Alesi
Messenger | Sergio Mancinelli
First Corifea | Elena Polic Greco, Simonetta Cartia
Corifee | Federica Cavallaro, Maddalena Serratore, Nadia Spicuglia, Claudia Zappia


Phaedra di Seneca in Tourneè in 2017 at the Teatro Grande in Pompeii and at the Terme di Baia