21st-22nd October 2022

Palazzo Greco, INDA Foundation Siracusa

INDA 2022


International conference of studies
by Dioniso. Magazine of studies on ancient theatre.

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21st OCTOBER, 10.00 AM
Institutional greetings — INDA Foundation
Introduction — Guido Paduano, director of Dioniso.
Magazine of studies on ancient theatre.

First session
Chair: Gianna Petrone (University of Palermo)

Maurizio Giangiulio (University of Trento): The words
of the political community in the Aeschylean Suppliants

Elena Fabbro (University of Udine): The image of
Athenian public institutions in the theatre of Aristophanes


21st OCTOBER, 3:00 PM
Second session

Chair: Caterina Mordeglia (University of Trento)

James McGlew (Rutgers University):
Dicaeopolis’ Democracy: What Political Wisdom Can
Athenian Comedy Offer Us Now?

David Carter (University of Reading): Tragic Freedoms

Paul Woodruff (University of Texas – Austin):
Theater As Democracy (via zoom)


22nd OCTOBER, 9.00 AM
Third session

Chair: Margherita Rubino (University of Genova)

Francesco Morosi, Guido Paduano (University of Pisa)
The Eumenides: the end of the myth, the beginning of History

Marion Meyer (University of Vienna): Euripides and
the defense of Athens.
The male war and the female sacrifice

William Allan (University of Oxford):
Believing in Dionysus

Walter Lapini (University of Genova): Conclusions

Organising Secretariat
Elena Servito, Francesco Morosi

Press officer
Gaspare Urso

Graphic design
Carmelo Iocolano

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+39 0931 48 72 26

“Conference with the right of exemption from the obligation of service”.
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