Assistenza ai Disabili

accesso dei disabili al Teatro Greco

Indispensable information for disabled people access to Greek Theater

We need to know:

  • The recommended gate for access is Via Giuseppe Agnello, 300 meters from the beginning of Via Ettore Romagnoli;
  • Disabled persons do not have access to any numbered and numbered places, given the structure and configuration of the theater;
  • The Organization foresees the placement of the disabled on a wooden platform with a special slide located at the left-hand side of the M section;
  • That the first two files in the M sector are reserved to persons with disabilities with low-cost entry;
  • That the Organization provides for invalids free entry;
  • That at the aforementioned entry gate, volunteers of the Siracusa Delegation of the Knights of Malta, wearing recognizable uniforms and identification cards, accompany the disabled to the station they are destined for, without the need for preventive agreements;
  • At 150 meters from the beginning of Via Giuseppe Agnello, on the left, there is a parking lot where the driver, after having accompanied the disabled at the entrance, can, by going back, park the car.