The National Institute of the Antique Drama,
Onlus Foundation, donating your 5×1000.

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Viale Regina Margherita n. 306
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For over a hundred years, the Inda Foundation has made the blend of culture and show shape the best outdoor theater performances in one of the most prestigious corners in the world. Every year the Inda Foundation revives the culture of classical theater, hosting the best translators, directors and actors in the world. Our archive is considered to be of great historical interest for mole and content, of high artistic and cultural level.

The Inda Foundation with its Academy of Art of the Antique Drama diploma specialists in classical theater. Each year, hundreds of young people from all the schools in the world participate in the Youth Festival in the magnificent setting of the Greek theater of Palazzolo Acreide. With Prometeo Projects and the Youth Forum thousands of students approach the classical world by elaborating themes and deepening their content.