Opera | Euripides
Translation | Walter Lapini
Director | Davide Livermore
Costumes | Gianluca Falaschi
Music | Andrea Chenna
Lighting Design | Antonio Castro
Video Design | D-Wok
Assistant director | Alberto Giolitti
Assistant set designer | Lorenzo Russo
Costumes assistant | Anna Missaglia


The goddess Hera creates a ghost in all similar to Helen and sends it to Troy with Paride, while the true Helen is hidden by Hermes in Egypt as guest of King Proteus.

On the death of Proteus, the Teocliman son undermines Elena, who rejects him, partly because the sister of Teoclimeno, the priestess Teonoe (able to see the future), has predicted that he will see her husband Menelaus.
Elena is thinking of her sad fate when she sees the Greek messenger Teucro arrive.


Helen | Laura Marinoni
Teucer | Viola Marietti
Menelaus | Sax Nicosia
Old woman | Mariagrazia Solano
First Messenger | Maria Chiara Centorami
Theonoe | Simonetta Cartia
Theoclymenus | Giancarlo Judica Cordiglia
Second Messenger | Linda Gennari
Corifea | Federica Quartana

Choir and Dioscuri | Bruno Di Chiara, Marcello Gravina, Django Guerzoni, Giancarlo Latina, Silvio Laviano, Turi Moricca, Vladimir Randazzo, Marouane Zotti