Iphigenia in Aulis


in Aulis

Opera | Euripides
Translation | Giulio Guidorizzi
Directed by | Federico Tiezzi
Scene | Pier Paolo Bisleri
Costumes | Giovanna Buzzi
Music | Francesca Della Monica, Ernani Maletta
Scene Director | Marco Albertano


Under the command of Agamemnon , the Grecian fleets are due to set sail from the port of Aulis. An old servant describes how the Goddess Artemis, enraged with the Greeks, is blocking the ships by a complete lack of wind. The seer Calchas has announced that in order to placate the fury of the goddess it is necessary to sacrifice Iphigenia, the daughter of Agamemnon.

Under the pretext of giving her hand in marriage to Achilles, the King has sent for Iphigenia to meet him at Aulis. A messenger annouces the arrival of the daughter who is accompanied by her mother Clytemnestra. Alas, Agamemnon’s courage fails. He is unable to reveal the terrible truth to the two women, a truth which Clytemnestra finds out by chance through the words of Achilles.

The maiden who is intially by deeply perturbed her the fate, has a sudden change of mind and offers up her own life willingly. She faces the sacrifice couragiously, leaving behind her a mother who is wholly consumed by grief.


Agamennone | Sebastiano Lo Monaco
Old Man | Gianni Salvo
Corifee | Francesca Ciocchetti, Deborah Zuin
Menelao | Francesco Colella
Clitemnestra | Elena Ghiaurov
Ifigenia | Lucia Lavia
Achille | Raffaele Esposito
Araldo | Turi Moricca
Musicant | Giorgio Rizzo
Choir | Academy of Art of the Old Drama – Theater School section “Giusto Monaco”