Protect your theater to theater: vademecum for the spectator
The Greek Theater is a heritage of humanity, we are committed to respecting it and to guarantee our security and others. The Inda Foundation thank you and wish you enjoy the emotions of classical performances.


  • Choose clothing and footwear that allow you to move with ease
  • Pay close attention to moving, not sticking on the eyelashes or climbing the walls
  • Observe access restrictions
  • Do it yourself respectfully, avoiding spills and waste dispersion
  • Not smoking
  • Avoid introducing bullet or glass objects to the theater
  • Leave animals at home save regularly registered dog dogs
  • Photographic, cinematographic and television shooting is prohibited
  • The cellphone must be off
  • It does not even smoke with electronic cigarettes
  • People with motor disturbances may require assistance from reception staff and volunteers in the theater
  • At show started access and exit from the cavea will only be possible from the upper inputs
  • In case of an emergency, keep calm, leave personal effects, do not run, and reach emergency exit according to personnel instructions.