medea seneca



Opera | Seneca
Theatrical adaptation | Paolo Magelli
Translation | Giusto Picone
Directed by | Paolo Magelli
Scene and costumes | Ezio Toffolutti
Music | Arturo Annecchino
Scene Director | Mattia Fontana


Disowned by her husband Jason, who by the help of her magic and crimes alone was able to steal the Golden fleece, Medea thinks up an atrocious revenge for the hero who has now abandoned her for a new bride Creusa, the daughter of Creon, the king of Corinth.

Having exterminated both her rival and the King through the use of her magic, Medea then seals her act of punishment for the traitor Jason by killling the children she had born from him.

To the retreating herione’s pain however, whilst she makes her flight on on winged chariot the anihilated father leaves her with the bitter sweet truth that in all the lofty spaces of high heaven there are no gods for a mother who takes the life of her children.


Medea | Valentina Banci
Giàsone | Filippo Dini
Creonte | Daniele Griggio
Nutrice | Francesca Benedetti
Messenger | Diego Florio
Argonauta | Enzo Curcurù
Corifee – Corifei | Simonetta Cartia, Giulia Diomede, Clara Galante, Ilaria Genatiempo, Viola Graziosi, Elisabetta Arosio, Enzo Curcurù, Lorenzo Falletti, Diego Florio, Lucia Fossi, Carmelinda Gentile, Doriana La Fauci, Sergio Mancinelli, Francesco Mirabella
Children | Francesco Bertrand, Gabriele Briante